Kirsty & Dan's story is amazing. Kirsty began the course with a severe phobia of hospitals,  feeling very anxious about going to hospital to give birth. I recommended a combination of my Hypnobirthing course and some one to one Hypnotherapy with the amazing Louisa Chipperfield. Below is the message that Kirsty sent me after the birth of their baby:

Calm Births Hypnobirthing Berkshire

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the recent HypnoBirthing course we attended and for all the advice and support you gave us. As you know this was our first pregnancy and we joined the course to understand more about HypnoBirthing particularly as I have a severe phobia of hospitals and we hoped some relaxation techniques might help. We found the course extremely informative and helpful and really enjoyed being part of a small group as there were just three couples on our course.

Due to some concerns our consultant wanted us to be induced and we agreed although this meant more time in hospital than I would have liked, but found the relaxation techniques worked well. The induction worked and things moved quickly for us. Our labour was only 3 and a half hours but the midwives wanted me to push very early when I knew I wasn't ready. The HypnoBirthing techniques we learned meant I could zone out from my surroundings and just focus on Dan and the baby and relax myself until I felt ready to breathe the baby down. This extra time meant that myself, my body and my baby were ready when I wanted to breathe and I am sure that this is why I ended up having just one stitch. Eva was born quickly and although extremely alert, she was happy, calm and quiet. We were told shortly after the birth that as things went so well, we should consider having our next baby at home. We were also later told by our community midwife that she heard from the hospital that we had a 'text book' birth. 

Dan found the course and techniques very helpful in understanding what would happen and also how to support me. We did not attend any NCT classes as we felt your course provided the information we needed in a clear and non confusing way. 

To our delight we have stayed in touch with the other HypnoBirthing couples on our course who have been a great support to us and we feel will be great friends. 

So we would like to say a big thank you again for everything. We can not recommend your course highly enough and we look forward to seeing you at the next HypnoBirthing event!

With love Kirsty, Dan, baby Eva and Dillon xxxx