Calm Births Hypnobirthing Berkshire

First time parents Emma & Stewart sent this lovely note after the arrival of gorgeous baby Harry, testimony to the fact that even if baby has other ideas for arrival, Hypnobirthing techniques will see you through:

"Thought you may like to know that Baby Boy Simmonds arrived yesterday morning at 8.15am weighing a very beautiful 7lbs 1oz. We are absolutely besotted & he is Daddy's mini me!

Although the labour didn't go fully to plan the hypnobirthing was an absolute godsend! I went into labour at 10pm on Monday evening & the surges came thick & fast almost immediately which wasn't quite what we were expecting! Very intense from start to finish. Thanks to the calm breathing & techniques you taught us I managed to completely zone out with no clue what was going on around me as I was so focused, I managed to go through the whole process with no pain relief whatsoever & was already 7cms by the time we got to the hospital at 3am. Unfortunately by about 4am I was loosing quite a lot of blood & they were concerned about baby therefore I had to have my waters manually broken so they could monitor his heartbeat through his head so that I could still move around. I ended up actively pushing for over an hour & a half & baby just wasn't playing ball so I had to have an episiotomy to avoid them having to do an instrument assisted delivery which did the trick & he finally made his entrance into the world. A true testament to the hypnobirthing techniques, despite the complications he truly was born a calm baby! When he finally made his appearance into the world he barely made a sound & we enjoyed some lovely skin to skin time & he fed beautifully about an hour & a half after being born. He has so far proven to be a lovely relaxed baby boy, long may it continue!!!

Thank you so much for all you taught us, just goes to show that even when things don't quite go to plan the mind & human body really are incredible!

Look forward to seeing you at baby yoga in the new year! Have a lovely Christmas with your family.

Emma & Stewart xx"