Charlotte & Gavin - a positive Induction story

The birth of Grace was induced as Mum Charlotte developed raised blood pressure in pregnancy - this is a wonderful story of how the process of induction can be positive with HypnoBirthing techniques! (Find out more about induction here) This is their story as told by proud Dad, Gavin:

Calm births Hypnobirthing Berkshire

I'm completely delighted to let you know that Grace was born on Thursday night at 9.42, weighing 7lbs 1oz!

I think you were aware that Charlotte was being induced on Wednesday, but we were able to use what we had learnt to make it as natural as possible despite that. The second gel was applied about midday on Thursday, and after some walking and a bath the tightenings began around 4.30 / 5ish.

Everything happened very quickly and it was a short and intense labour with everyone surprised about how quick the surges were coming.

Charlotte was amazing (she will deny it, but she was awesome) and used the breathing and relaxation techniques really well to deal with the first few hours. To the extent that they were surprised when they saw the CTG as to how well she was coping. One of the midwives whispered to me in the lift down to the delivery suite that "she was amazing as was she using HypnoBirthing".

The only pain relief Charlotte used was gas and air - and I'll let her tell you about that experience as she got quite spaced out! 

Because of the intensity and frequency of the surges they were worried about Charlotte trying too many times at the birthing stage and causing distress to her and the baby, so they decided to do a ventouse assisted delivery. Quite a dramatic situation with lots of extra people coming in and out of the room!

But just as they were about to start that, Charlotte made the breakthrough and the midwife was able to send everyone else away!

So not the fully natural birth at a birth centre that we had hoped for, but we were still able to apply lots of the techniques! In particular, had we not spent the timing thinking about our birth preferences, it's pretty likely we would have been induced last weekend when the doctor first started, so that decision may well have helped avoid a syntocinon drip and assisted birth, etc! 

So thank you for all your help, we really have appreciated it and looking forward to introducing you to Grace soon." 



Brynn & Charles - an early arrival!

Brynn and Charles' story of the birth of their first child is wonderful, they didn't manage to complete the 5 week course as their baby decided to come rather early at 33 weeks. Despite not having finished the course, and despite the fact that they had very special circumstances with a premature baby, their story is astoundingly positive and calm. I love it! 

" The day of Nathaniel's birth was relatively calm and relaxing: lunch with chocolate cake, lounging in the sunny garden, naps etc. Into the afternoon I went inside to spend time on the couch and relax, as my stomach was feeling a bit crampy.

We'd been in the hospital 4 days earlier with early onset delivery symptoms but discharged within 2 days as the symptoms had calmed down. These same 'cramps' were coming back and I was just trying to do my best to relax and breath through them calmly. I read news on the internet and even sent a few emails around 4:30. I thought a bath would feel good and I hoped it'd help calm my stomach cramps, which were only getting stronger by that point.

My husband Charles drew me a bath and offered to bring me a drinks or snacks, which I gladly accepted. After 20 mins or so of relaxing the warm tub, I was feeling ok but ready to get out, and I started to wonder whether we should go to the hospital. I got out of the tub and began drying off, telling Charles that I thought we should maybe go. By the time I'd gotten dressed in comfortable clothes and laid down on the bed to rest, the 'cramps' were getting considerably stronger. (Even so it still hadn't occurred to me that these were surges and that our child might be born soon!) Our neighbour drove us the short distance to the hospital where we planned to deliver; we were checked in and very soon taken to a nearby delivery room.

My waters broke while sitting on the delivery room bed and the surges remained strong every few minutes. Charles and I settled into our prepared practices and I was able to fall into a zone, listening to Charles guide me and I felt comfortable following my mantra of 'breath it down' to carry me through the surges. Because the baby was coming early, we were introduced to neonatal specialists as they got set up in the room.  

The birthing seemed to just take over naturally and relatively quickly...we arrived at the hospital at 6:45 and our son Nathaniel was born an hour later at 7:50pm. I never felt that I needed or wanted any pain relief and, to my surprise, no stitches were needed afterwards either - an added bonus! We had initially hoped for a water birth but his early arrival introduced an element of risk that meant a water birth wouldn't be possible.

Nonetheless we were very happy with the entire experience and I feel certain that our learned approaches allowed us to stay at home as long as possible in a calm environment. (The Midwife later told us that I was 9cm dilated when we arrived. I guess those weren't 'cramps' after all!) Nathaniel remained in NICU for 2.5 weeks but with minimal intervention. He's progressed beautifully and we are all happily at home, enjoying life as a family of three!




Stephanie & Andy - the birth of baby Zach

Calm Births Hypnobirthing Berkshire

Stephanie and Andy used HypnoBirthing to prepare for the birth of their first child. Their birth story is an absolutely beautiful one, and an inspiration for any Mums & Dads to be:

"I went into labour with a bit of a bang, waking up to my waters releasing at 4.30am immediately accompanied by surges every 3 minutes, each lasting a minute. I was a bit uncomfortable, but not in pain as such. By 7am, I felt like I wanted to be checked at the hospital (which is where we planned to have baby) so we went in. At 8.15 during my first check, I was '3 cm dilated', and then used visualisations and the breathing techniques up to about 11am when I was able to get into a birthing pool and carry on labouring there. When I was checked at 12.15, I was fully dilated and we were ready to go!

There had been discussion that perhaps birthing in the water might not be possible if baby or I was not tolerating labour well, but baby's heartbeat was perfectly fine throughout so we got back in. (He was in fact so chilled out that my Midwife commented that he didn't seem to have really noticed that we were in labour...)

My son was born at 2.20pm, after an hour of letting him descend naturally using breathing techniques and then an hour of more active 'pushing', although my Midwife was happy for me to only work with my body when I was in surge rather than forcing myself to push. I ended up doing the whole thing having taken 2 paracetamol tablets as my only medical pain relief.

Zach's Apgar's were 9 & 10, and we were home exactly 24 hours after his birth, where he has fed and slept like an absolute champ - everyone comments on what a chilled little dude he is. My Midwife seemed quite surprised by how quickly and smoothly we progressed, and even more surprised that despite him coming out very quickly all in one go, I only had a minor graze. She said she was really impressed by my breathing control, and I think most of that has to do with the fact that we went in feeling so calm and well prepared for the birth!

My Midwife at Basingstoke hospital was absolutely incredible, and really respected our birth preferences and the fact that we were a HypnoBirthing family. She basically let my husband and I run the show throughout, and even wrote on my discharge notes that I had a "beautiful birth"



Carmen and Roberto's Vaginal Breech baby

Calm Births Hypnobirthing Berkshire

New Mummy Carmen tells the story of the rather exciting birth of her & husband Roberto's first baby, Evelyn:

"Baby Evelyn was breech throughout pregnancy, and we tried everything apart from the ECV to turn her, but eventually I was booked in for a caesarean on 28th June (her due date).

The night before at around 7pm I started having very mild period type pains. At 8pm I phoned the hospital to ask what I needed to do, as I wasn't sure if this was labour or not. They said to take paracetamol, monitor the pains and if they get closer together to ring them again.

20 minutes later I rang them again..

I was told to come in for assessment. We arrived at 21:03, put into triage where my waters broke at 21:30. I was wheeled into the delivery room and told that theatre was being prepared for an emergency c-section. At that point the surges were getting closer and more intense. The anaesthetist came past to see how dilated I was (3cm 10 minutes previously) when all of a sudden she exclaimed:

"There's a foot hanging out! No time for a c-section, this baby's coming now!"

I didn't have time for any other pain relief except gas and air, and all of a sudden there were all these extra people in the room (about 6 or 7). I delivered Evelyn at 22:45 via natural breech delivery after 8 minutes of pushing! I became well known on the ward as the Midwives very rarely see natural breech deliveries - one Midwife had worked there for 12 years and never seen one!

Total labour time: 1 hour 25 minutes from waters breaking to her being delivered.

I went from wanting a calm water birth to needing a caesarean to actually having a vaginal breech delivery. Thank goodness for my affirmations helping me through, and of course my AMAZING husband Roberto for being my rock."

Calm Births Hypnobirthing Berkshire



A Healing Third Birth


My wife and I decided to look into HypnoBirthing after reading and hearing great things from friends and media/celebrities. We were a bit sceptical at first, thinking it may be 'Wishy-washy', but how wrong we were!

We were lucky to meet the lovely Hannah, who from the very first session was reassuring, very thorough and also a great listener and helped to ease some concerns from my wife. 

My wife endured a fairly traumatic birth 4 years ago and of course she was scared that this time might be the same. I can tell you with real pride that the birth of my now 6 week old daughter was unbelievable! My wife chose a water birth and delivered our daughter calmly, quickly and most amazingly with NO pain relief at all! Her ability to remain in control and maintain calm breathing was unbelievable to watch and experience. 

I couldn't be prouder of my wife and I'm so happy we chose HypnoBirthing. I would encourage any expectant parents to sign up to the course and would advise people to not believe what they read!!"

Calm Births Hypnobirthing Berkshire



Amy & Paul - The calm birth of baby Zane

Calm Births Hypnobirthing Berkshire


                Paul, Amy & gorgeous baby Zane

"Hi Hannah,

Finally I have a moment to put in to words how grateful I am for what you did for my husband and I in preparation of the birth of our first baby.

I was naturally nervous about childbirth having never experienced it and after hearing many horror stories which people seemed all too happy to share with me on finding out I was pregnant! I was given the Marie Mongan HypnoBirthing book by a friend, I didn't get very far in to the book before realising it was absolutely  something I wanted to explore as it just made so much sense to me - the concept of childbirth being a natural process and something women are built to do without medical intervention, and that by releasing all fear and remaining calm during the process enables the body to do what it needs to do to deliver the baby naturally and without stress.

I found you via recommendation on the WGG Facebook page, and I am just so delighted that I contacted you! From the moment we engaged over email I knew that I would connect with you as you had such a nice calm and friendly manner. I decided to opt for the private sessions as I felt my husband would be more comfortable in our own home rather than the group environment and it also gave us more flexibility on times/dates than the group sessions did.

The sessions were just fantastic, we both felt very relaxed with you and you made us feel like no questions or concerns we had were silly or insignificant. We really enjoyed learning about the birthing process and practising the breathing and visualisation techniques with you and just getting more prepared to welcome our baby in to the world in the most calm and collected way possible. I also believe that it really helped my husband feel like he had an important role to play and gave him so much confidence knowing more about the birthing process rather than standing by and watching.

The course was clearly worth every penny and every minute we invested in it, as I am so proud to say that our beautiful son Zane David Richards was born naturally, calmly, quickly and without any pain relief!

We were a little shocked that the labour had started when it did as it was almost 3 weeks before my due date, but despite this we remained calm and used the breathing, essential oils and relaxing music to get through the contractions at home before going in to hospital, I even took a shower and washed and dried my hair whilst having contractions! We had called the hospital to let them know my labour had started, and as it was my first baby even though I said I felt the contractions had become strong quite quickly, they were putting us off going in as were expecting it to be a long process .... well it is a good job that my husband made the decision for us to get ourselves to the hospital when he did, because the moment we arrived at the maternity ward reception my waters broke, and Zane was delivered 55 minutes later! We hadn't even got my notes or the hospital bag out of the car, and there was no time to even consider getting in the birthing pool! The midwife even said to me that she wished all women made her job so easy! Also what was amazing is how calm Zane was having entered the big wide world - he hardly made a sound and just happily lay on my chest! So many people comment on what a 'good baby' he is because he seems so relaxed and rarely cries.

We feel so lucky to have worked with you and can't thank you enough as we believe that the sessions we did with you really did contribute to our fantastic birthing experience. We would recommend anybody to you, no matter how sceptical they are about hypnobirthing.

Lots of Love

Amy, Paul and Zane xxx