Calm Births Hypnobirthing Berkshire

New Mummy Carmen tells the story of the rather exciting birth of her & husband Roberto's first baby, Evelyn:

"Baby Evelyn was breech throughout pregnancy, and we tried everything apart from the ECV to turn her, but eventually I was booked in for a caesarean on 28th June (her due date).

The night before at around 7pm I started having very mild period type pains. At 8pm I phoned the hospital to ask what I needed to do, as I wasn't sure if this was labour or not. They said to take paracetamol, monitor the pains and if they get closer together to ring them again.

20 minutes later I rang them again..

I was told to come in for assessment. We arrived at 21:03, put into triage where my waters broke at 21:30. I was wheeled into the delivery room and told that theatre was being prepared for an emergency c-section. At that point the surges were getting closer and more intense. The anaesthetist came past to see how dilated I was (3cm 10 minutes previously) when all of a sudden she exclaimed:

"There's a foot hanging out! No time for a c-section, this baby's coming now!"

I didn't have time for any other pain relief except gas and air, and all of a sudden there were all these extra people in the room (about 6 or 7). I delivered Evelyn at 22:45 via natural breech delivery after 8 minutes of pushing! I became well known on the ward as the Midwives very rarely see natural breech deliveries - one Midwife had worked there for 12 years and never seen one!

Total labour time: 1 hour 25 minutes from waters breaking to her being delivered.

I went from wanting a calm water birth to needing a caesarean to actually having a vaginal breech delivery. Thank goodness for my affirmations helping me through, and of course my AMAZING husband Roberto for being my rock."

Calm Births Hypnobirthing Berkshire