Are you a Midwife, former Midwife or experienced Doula? Or perhaps you are an existing Antenatal or Hypnobirthing teacher?

Or are you just passionate about normal birth and empowering women?

Whatever your background, if you are looking for a way to make a living from teaching families how to achieve positive, calm births and see them get amazing results then join our fabulous team! 

I am so excited to share my Calm Births Course with new instructors, I have been teaching Hypnobirthing full time since leaving my role as a Midwife in the NHS in 2014. I have taught hundreds of families and have been utterly overwhelmed by the consistent positive births that are being achieved by them.  The Calm Births Course is a combination of essential practical tips and techniques for positive birth and Hypnotherapy techniques - think NCT meets Hypnobirthing and you'll have an idea.

The Calm Births ethos:

We teach families with love, care and respect.

We listen to each individual’s journey, and offer the appropriate support and guidance for those individuals.

One size does not fit all for antenatal classes, so our course is a main structure from which we work & adapt to all of the different journeys that people travel to birth.

We respect and support each other without judgement as instructors, and share ideas openly.

If you would like to share this message and teach this practical, no nonsense course to families in your area and make a GOOD living from doing so then I will provide you with:

*Face to face or Live Online training - whichever suits you best*

*Course Materials*

*Help & guidance in setting up and running your own business*

*Support designing & setting up your own website*

*A family of like-minded teachers like you*

*Regular meet-ups to help & support each other *

*Ongoing, regular support once you are up and running*

The great news is that you can consistently earn £3k + per month teaching something that you love. YOU decide when you teach. YOU decide where you teach. YOU decide how you teach. YOU are your own boss, with the Calm Births family here to support you. 

Teacher Training events are held regularly either in groups or privately, either face to face in Berkshire, UK or via Skype.

Your course will include: 

An introduction to Hypnotherapy

Hypnobirthing origins and how it works

The Calm Births Course content

How to teach Hypnobirthing

An introduction on how to set up and market your business


You will leave your course with everything you need to feel like a Mum boss who can run her own Hypnobirthing business and be part of something amazing, changing the lives of families all around you. 

Course fees:

Midwives / Doulas / NCT Teachers : 3 day course from 9.30am to 1.30pm, £599

Existing Hypnobirthing Teachers: 1 day course from 9.30am to 1.30pm, £299

If you are new to birth education, an extra online course will be required before the full 3 day training - the cost in total will be £750.

All participants will leave with their first bundle of 5 books, Mp3's, affirmation cards and client bags ready to teach their first clients!

If you would like to find out more or bagsy yourself a place on the teacher training course, please email:  or call: 07852 954122 or click below to get in touch.

I can't WAIT to work with you!