Calm Births Hypnobirthing Berkshire

Hi I'm Hannah Barnes, I'm the founder of Calm Births.

I am a former Midwife, Hypnotherapist, Doula and Postnatal Yoga Instructor.

In my 10 years as a Midwife, I watched in awe and wonder at women giving birth using HypnoBirthing techniques, and these women proved to me beyond doubt that birth can be a gentle, calm and natural process. I have been further empowered in this time by the great gift of birthing my own three babies. 

My passion for Midwifery and aiding women to have the safe, gentle birth that their body was designed to have has led me to HypnoBirthing, and so I became a certified Hypnotherapist and created the Calm Births Course. I hope that I can share this knowledge and these amazing techniques with families, and build a community of HypnoBirthing families who can support each other before and after the births of their babies.

I am also a supporter of choice of place of birth for women, and believe that she should birth where she feels safe. I have set up a local home birth support group here for women to share support and experience together.