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News Flash! Mum & Baby Yoga coming to Calm Births!

When? Tuesday mornings 11.15 to 12.15

Where?  Burghfield Common Village Hall, RG7 3EN

How much? 1st class is FREE!!! After that it's £45 for 5 classes.

Booking is essential, please contact me for more information: or book directly here.

Postnatal Yoga Reading


Using a gentle, holistic approach, the small classes give Mums a chance to connect with their bodies, their babies and with other new Mums.

Classes can start from 6 weeks after giving birth (or earlier in a one to one setting), right up to when baby is crawling. The early weeks and months after having a baby are such a precious time, and it's so vital that you are allowed time to heal, re-energise and have some time just for YOU.  Meeting in a non-judgemental, loving space using a gentle yoga practice, Mums will re-gain strength in the abdominal muscles, pelvic floor muscles and back as well as gently re-aligning posture after carrying a baby for 9 months. Core strength will gently be re-built as well as an emotional release and re-energise. 

All encompassing, the course is tailored for you - no matter what kind of pregnancy and birth you may have had, we tailor it to be suitable for all.

And there's no crazy legs behind the head moves, it's all very gentle with no previous yoga experience necessary! 

Postnatal Yoga Reading

Mums and their babes will be given a warm welcome and a cup of tea (and even a hug if it's been a rough night and a struggle to get out!). The course is in blocks of five weeks, as we will work in a gentle progression from week one to five. The yoga is for Mum, and we interact with babies the whole time, giving them a wonderful show. It's really important for babies to watch their Mums enjoying themselves, doing something for themselves and connecting with their bodies.

We enjoy lots of laughter and smiles, and I fully expect your baby to need a nappy change or feed at some point (or even just a shout) - that is fine, Mums are all in the same experience and we will just go with the flow. 


Postnatal Yoga Reading





Calm Mummy = Calm Baby

It is often said in HypnoBirthing that a calm Mummy means a calm baby - and this is definitely true. Hypno-babies are always very calm, and that's no coincidence, their Mums have chosen to take time out of their often busy lives to relax and be at one with their growing baby. That baby grows feeling loved, calm and relaxed and in turn comes into the world in a calm way. This, we know.

However, what happens after that? For many, having their first (or subsequent) baby can feel a little overwhelming, and whilst pregnant it is very hard to focus on anything other than the impending birth.

Sadly, we live in a society where we are not coveted by friends, family and neighbours and encouraged to rest with baby for any time. In other cultures, it is the norm to have a dedicated period of laying in with baby (in some places, such as China, this can be for 28 days). In our busy lives this seems silly and impossible, but I truly feel that those early days or the 'babymoon' as it is often called, is so important for Mum and baby's wellbeing. It may not feel practical in your life to stop everything and allow yourself to be waited on whilst bonding with your baby, but if you can find a way to make it work, trust me it's worth it. Your recovery will be quicker both physically and emotionally if you allow yourself to rest, baby will feed better as he or she will have constant access to your milk and so your body will adjust to the demand and produce the perfect amount of milk. Baby will feel more secure and calm, and therefore more likely to grow into a confident, happy child.

There is a known theory that as a race, humans' brains have become so large that our babies are born sooner than perhaps they should be. Therefore the first three months of their lives are actually the '4th trimester', and an extension of their time in the womb. If we can allow babies to enter our world gently and slowly, they will feel more safe, secure and happy.

There are some great, practical things that you can do to try to get some of this precious time are:

  • Plan ahead, freeze some healthy meals for you & your partner ready to eat when baby has arrived
  • Drink water, and some more water.. and a little bit more.
  • Deter any visitors for the first 2 weeks of baby's life
  • Ask any visitors to bring you a meal/ wash up/ hold baby to allow you to shower or nap..
  • Ask for help. It's very difficult for lots of us to ask for help, but please do it. People love to feel that they've helped you and you'll feel better for delegating.
  • Sleep when baby sleeps - this is a well known bit of advice, and it really is important. Babies are often nocturnal creatures when they're born, and so most likely you will be for the first few weeks, so give in to it and sleep whether it's 2pm or 2am. It's all sleep and so important for your mental wellbeing.
  • For those who know me, you will know how much I go on about the importance of pelvic floor exercises. These are even more important in the postnatal period so DO THEM!! If you're not sure how, have a look here:
  • And finally, call me! Because I feel so strongly about the importance of the postnatal period, I always try and visit families who have taken the course once baby has born (and I get to have a cuddle too!), and I now also offer a dedicated postnatal session.