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Midwifery vs HypnoBirthing.....

I was asked recently why I left Midwifery to take up HypnoBirthing teaching. It took me a while to formulate an answer if I'm honest.  And then Facebook reminded me this week that it's been two years since I left my job as a Midwife. This brought up very mixed emotions for me, as I looked at the image of my little send off with my amazing colleagues at the maternity unit.

Calm Births Hypnobirthing Berkshire

I love, love LOVED being a Midwife and still believe that it is one of the most challenging, rewarding, amazing jobs in the world. I loved being a part of peoples journey's into becoming a family, or extending their family. To share in one of the biggest experiences in someones life, and hopefully help to make it the best possible experience in their given situation, is an honour and a privilege.

However, sometimes it's just not enough.

Often as a Midwife the first time you meet a couple is when they are coming in to hospital in labour, or when you are called to their home when in labour. By this time the destiny of that birth is almost already written, the mother is already pre-programmed with how she is going to birth. And all you can do as a Midwife is make that journey the safest, calmest, best experience possible in that moment. And a lot of the time that is enough, the woman is able to trust you, trust her body and trust her baby, and she achieves a beautiful, calm birth.

But sometimes, a woman is entering into birth feeling anxious, frightened, and sure that this is going to be the most painful, horrific experience of her life and it's just something she's got to get through. 

And this is why Calm Births is so important to me, I can get in there from the start, before the birth process is even close usually. I can meet families and re-write the destiny of their birth story, I can re-programme the beliefs and dismiss the anxieties around labour and birth. I can do my utmost to ensure that women and their birth partners are entering into labour and birth with a skill set to help them relax, trust in the process and even enjoy the process. 

And yes, I miss out on the birth itself, but I can leave that to my wonderful beautiful Midwife friends who do such an amazing job, and trust that with a combination of awesome antenatal education and lovely Midwives, we can make a difference to women's birth stories.

And that, is why I do what I do.  



Celebrity HypnoBirthers

I recently met with a new couple embarking upon their HypnoBirthing journey, and asked what it was that had inspired them to look into it. The Mother replied that she had seen all the positive press around Fearne Cotton's HypnoBirth, and it had made her wonder about it. That got me wondering, just how many celeb's out there are endorsing HypnoBirthing? And the list that I have compiled is pretty long! Have a look: 

Tom and Giovanna Fletcher 

Jessica Alba 

Kate Middleton (so rumour has it!)

Fearne Cotton

TOWIE's Billie Faiers

Miranda Kerr

Stephen & Tabitha King (reportedly)

Cindy Crawford

Jade Jagger

Rikki Lake

I am thrilled that the list is this long, and probably even longer than I have found. As HypnoBirthing practitioners we work hard to spread the word, and any parents who have used these techniques also shout from the rooftops about how amazing it is. But if people like Kate Middleton & Fearne Cotton who are held dear in all girls' hearts in our country are shouting about it, then that word is getting spread even further and wider!