Calm BIrths online course!

You're a busy professional Woman, you're having a baby and want to feel like you know what is going to happen to you...

You're wondering how the hell you're going to give birth, terrified of it going wrong, petrified of an epidural or caesarean...

Perhaps you've had a baby before and this time you want to do things differently..

But there are no courses near you, you've left things a little late or you just can't spend the money on a face to face course. 

This is where the Calm Births Online Course comes in! I have packaged up a perfect course for you which guides you through:

  • What is happening at each stage of labour

  • Tips & techniques on how to get the best out of each phase physically & mentally

  • Midwife secrets about birth that leave you feeling in the know

  • Breathing techniques to reduce anxiety

  • Breathing techniques for labour and birth

  • What happens in the early days after giving birth - the stuff no-one tells you

  • Amazing Hypnotherapy techniques to leave you feeling calm in any situation

  • Beautiful Relaxation audios for you to practice 


The 5 Modules are easy to follow, and there is suggested homework at the end of each one. To get the absolute most from the course, take a few days to a week between each module to absorb the information and practice the techniques. 

This course will leave you feeling empowered, calm and positive about your baby's birth.

Entering into the process with this positive mindset will have a direct impact on the process of birth. 

And the best bit of all? The first module is totally FREE!! Work through Module 1, listen to the sample relaxation and see how you go. If it all makes sense to you and you absolutely want this to be the calm birth that you dream of, simply click through for the rest of the course. 

A full Hypnobirthing course usually costs in excess of £250 - but this online course is yours for just £130! And you don't even have to leave the sofa!! 

So to get going with your FREE first module - just click the button!

I cannot recommend this course highly enough. No matter how much information, fear or confidence you go into it with, you will gain so much from it & will be so calm ahead of your birth.