As an experienced Midwife, Mum of 3, Hypnotherapist and HypnoBirthing Practitioner, I am passionate about birth and empowering women to welcome their baby in a calm, positive way


Having studied and worked as an NHS Midwife for 10 years before becoming a HypnoBirthing Practitioner, I have had the honour of attending many births and caring for many families from all walks of life. I am passionate about the birthing process, and about how HypnoBirthing can make that process such a beautiful, calm experience for EVERY woman.  I combine my knowledge of Midwifery, Hypnotherapy and Motherhood so that I can offer education, experience and support to families on their journey to welcoming their baby in a calm, safe and gentle way. 


Calm birth Courses

The Calm Births Course is designed to help you achieve the calm, gentle and safe birth that your body was designed for - no matter what turns your birth might take.  My classes are informal and relaxed, and tailored to you and your needs. A combination of Hypnotherapy techniques and practical Antenatal Education provides you with a balanced experience to make you BOTH excited, prepared and CALM about the birth experience..

Doula Package

It is known that families who use a Doula for their labour and birth are more likely to achieve a shorter birth with less pain relief, less intervention and have a more positive experience. I will get to know you both before baby arrives, and stay with you during established labour until birth to provide you both support emotionally and practically.



Perhaps you are keen to re-gain your pre-natal strength and muscle tone, would like to sleep better and meet other local Mums?  Using a gentle, holistic approach, my small classes give Mums a chance to connect with their bodies, their babies and with other new Mums. With plenty of time for tea & biscuits!!