A really inspiring story from Louise & Ben who opted for a home birth for their first birth x

I just wanted to let you know that our gorgeous Max finally arrived on Friday morning and he is perfect! 9 days late and a bit of a whopper at 8lb 8oz! Ben and I can’t stop looking at him, we’re completely overwhelmed!!

I managed to have my water birth at home so he arrived safely and soundly in our kitchen. No tearing or cuts so no stitches required and no pain relief at all. Ocean relaxation was on repeat from the time the first contractions kicked in around 1am until he arrived just before 11am after less than an hour of pushing at the end. It was intense and obviously painful but I did my hypnobirthing breathing all the way through which kept me in the zone and calm enough that I was almost at the transition stage by the time the midwife arrived, no examination necessary.   I have no doubt that the focus and calmness (plus the pool at the end) is why I am not sat here with stitches now and why the Labour was relatively quick. The Midwives were amazed for a first birth!

Thank you so much, you helped me take control of something I felt extremely anxious about and now I’m sat here looking at me beautiful boy feeling like the luckiest person alive!

Lots of love

Lou x