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We just wanted to let you know that our little girl, Maya Grace Smyth, made her arrival earlier than expected on 20th September.

I was 36+1 when my waters broke at midnight, Maya was born at 6.09pm that evening, weighing 5lb 7.

I’m sure hypnobirthing is what helped me remain calm, despite everything happening earlier than expected. 

I made it through my contractions to fully dilated with just a little gas and air towards the end. They were just about to induce me, when I told them I needed to push, so they examined me and found I was indeed fully dilated.

Pushing took over an hour, as it turned out she had her hand up on her face. I just skipped out on an episiotomy, as the midwife asked the doctor to give me one more push, and I managed to do it! (Forgot to mention that Maya was slightly back to back to start with but she changed position, I guess mainly because I stayed active, upright, forward and open).

As Maya was early we had to spend a week in the neonatal unit as she needed some help with her breathing, but we are now home with her and settling into family life. 

We can’t thank you enough for your fantastic hypnobirthing classes and invaluable advice. I really feel it made a difference and helped me give birth with no intervention needed.

Best Wishes,

Tasha and Connor