I just love this story from first time parents Fallon and Chris, and cheeky monkey Huxley who had his own plans!! 

Calm Births Hypnobirthing Berkshire


"We hope that you are well and sorry we couldn't make your coffee morning on Saturday. We have some very exciting news as our little one decided to join us early and arrived on 19th May. He was born at 4:54pm and weighed 6lb 10oz.

With the help and support from your group we felt confident enough to try for a home birth. Had you said that to us before the course I would have probably laughed. The thought of giving birth simply terrified me and I definitely viewed it as a medical procedure.

After your course I felt so much more comfortable and confident about giving birth and for the first time I was genuinely excited about meeting our little one.

Everything started really well and developed really quickly, I was 8cm with in 3 hours which even shocked the midwife as well as myself. We had hired a birthing pool which was wonderful and I managed without pain relief right until the end.

Unfortunately it got a bit complicated at the end as Huxley was in an awkward position and wouldn't come out so we were taken into hospital. It wasn't until we had the scan at the hospital that we realised he was undiagnosed breech (cheeky monkey). We then discussed our options and decided that a c-section would be the best way forward.

Even though this isn't what we had hoped would happen it was still the best experience and we felt prepared for any direction that our birth would take.

Huxley is perfect and we still can't believe he is here!

I will certainly be recommending your course to anyone I know who is expecting. In fact I have given the book and CD to my sister who is due in 6 weeks with baby no.2. I'm hoping it will help her as much as it helped us. Although she might be cutting it a bit close!

Thank you again and I hope we can make the next coffee morning so that you can meet Huxley 😊

Best Wishes 

Chris, Fallon & Huxley