Despite our homebirth plan not working out due to baby's size & position I still managed to use the Hypnobirthing techniques to stay calm and relaxed through most of labour especially while in the early stages at home. On transfer to hospital it was discovered I had a very high level of meconium in my waters and therefore after a 20 hour labour and only progressing to 4cm with most of that being with 4 in 10 surges we considered all factors and it was decided that the safest option was for Frankie to be delivered via c section. Despite the meconium and discovery of an infection in my womb the section was carried out calmly and we were 100% informed of what was happening and going to happen meaning we still felt totally in control. 

Calm Births Hypnobirthing Berkshire

I found the Hypnobirthing techniques valuable throughout pregnancy and not just during labour & birth. The practice we put in leading up to the birth allowed me to have a calm and relaxed pregnancy with an added bonus of helping with gaining extra sleep leading up to the big day! We both also found the course very informative in terms of options available and allowing us to feel we had more control of our birth plans and wishes. 

Hope to join you for another gathering later in the year. 


Terri, Charlie and baby Frankie.