Alice and Charlie had to be induced at 35 weeks with their first baby, as it was felt that she wasn't growing properly due to a problem with the placenta. This was obviously a worrying time for them, but they were absolutely amazing and their birth story is wonderful! They are testimony to how you have the control to make any situation a positive and calm one. This is their story: 

Calm Births Hypnobirthing Berkshire

"I just wanted to let you know that I gave birth on Monday the 13th of March to a baby girl called Flora Ruby. I was admitted to hospital on Thursday to start the induction, but the delivery department at the hospital was overflowing with women giving birth - they were turning people away! Apparently it was due to the full moon that weekend...

So they didn't break my waters until Sunday at midnight, and Flora was born at exactly 8am the following morning. We used a lot of the relaxation techniques you taught us from Thursday onwards, because we were waiting so long they were really helpful to keep us calm and the rainbow relaxation helped me to get a full nights sleep each night. We listened to the relaxing music once my waters were broken, and dimmed the lights so the room was very calm. The nurses all commented on how calm we were during the labour. However, the contractions were coming thick and fast and were very intense, after being checked at 7.30 I was told I was only 3cm dilated and would be checked again in 3 hours. After this I lost the plot a bit, and made quite a bit of noise (which made Charlie laugh - which actually really helped me!). And Flora was born half an hour later! So I was actually in the transition phase.... but even after everything we've been through, I see the birth a really positive experience. Your course really helped us, not just with the birth itself, but also with the lead up to it and throughout all of the scans and appointments we were attending. So thank you!

Flora was born at 35 weeks, weighing just 3lb 4oz. Other than being small, she is perfect! No problems at all. So she is in the baby care unit until she gains some weight and can breastfeed. I'm expressing lots of milk for her, and today she had a little latch onto my breast. So I don't think she'll be In here too long - fingers crossed!

Thanks so much,

Alice (and Charlie and Flo!) xx